Smarter Athletes: Greater Potential!


Smarter Athletes: Greater Potential!

Anyone can train hard and push their perceived limitations. But the athletes that train smart are the ones who will see great success. Many coaches will write up a program that focuses on getting the volume in. I challenge you to take a different approach.

Think of training as a way to train your nervous system.  No matter what you are doing in a session your nervous system adapts to it. Therefore, if you practice perfect technique your body will learn how to move correctly. The alternative is true as well, if you push yourself to completely numerous repetitions but with terrible form, you will learn to push hard. However, you will never acquire the foundational techniques needed to truly excel in any sport. You will also be significantly more prone to injuries.

Use each training session as a way to master the skills required to be fast, efficient, and prevent injuries. If you find that your form and/or technique are completely falling to pieces in a training session, take extra rest between intervals. If you are too exhausted to maintain good form this is a sign you should shut it down for the day.   Just because your training program has you running 5 miles with some pick-ups doesn’t mean you just go, listen to music and zone out for the 5 miles. Instead, each training session is an opportunity to improve your form and technique. Every workout you do, pick a goal that you want to achieve within the session. For example, perhaps you are going to think about maintaining a long spine while you run, or focus on your breathing, or maintaining a proper forward lean. If you find that you are too tired to focus on your training goal for that day that is a sign your might want to back it off. In physical activity your ability to preform cognitive skills is a great gauge to how hard you are working. Focus on the quality of each training session as apposed to quantity.

Once you master the correct form for swimming, biking and running, I can promise you the speed and endurance will be soon to follow. Many athletes want to be fast right away and train with their current form, which you will see improvements but until you take the leap of faith and go back to mastering the basics you will never reach your full potential!

If these thoughts intrigue you, I highly recommend that you take some time and check out Z-Health. I have learned so much from Z-Health and I know that I am a better athlete because of it.

Thank you so much for reading and your support. It truly means the world to me!

Danielle Mack is professional Triathlete residing in Boulder, Colorado. She found her passion for triathlons at a young age. However, it wasn’t until she turned sixteen did she really start training strictly for triathlons. Through various paths God has lead her through the years including Xterra’s and Adventure Racing she discovered her ultimate love, long course triathlons, especially Ironman’s!