A Rehearsal Dinner, Birthday Celebration, Two Weddings and a Race!


To say I had a jammed packed weekend was an understatement.  

It started out Friday evening with a rehearsal dinner in Lafayette, Colorado which lasted until 8:00pm. Then the wedding party wanted to celebrate on Pearl Street afterwards. At about 9:00pm, Jeff Mack, my boyfriend and I had to rush to Denver to celebrate his sisters 23rd Birthday on the 16th Street Mall at an adorable Bar and Restaurant called Katie Mullens. It was super fun because they had a live band playing songs from the 80’s and it was more of a massive dance party. The band was called The Six Million Dollar Band. We did not get home until 11:30pm. When you normally go to bed at 7:30-8:00pm it felt like I had pulled an all-nighter. 🙂

Saturday: I got up early to get my swim practice in, pick up my packet for the 5150 Boulder Peak Triathlon in Boulder and get ready for the wedding. Chris Messaros, Jeff’s best friend and my friend from High School was getting married to Karen Cox. They had an absolutely lovely ceremony with endless dancing. Jeff and I wanted to stay the entire time but we knew we would be suffering tremendously if we didn’t get some sleep before our race the next day. 

To read about the actual Boulder Peak Race, please see below…

Danielle Mack is professional Triathlete residing in Boulder, Colorado. She found her passion for triathlons at a young age. However, it wasn’t until she turned sixteen did she really start training strictly for triathlons. Through various paths God has lead her through the years including Xterra’s and Adventure Racing she discovered her ultimate love, long course triathlons, especially Ironman’s!