This Will Also Change [New Beginnings]

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My professional triathlon career has been a roller coaster ride of many ups and downs. Qualifying for the Ironman World Championships (Kona) as a professional in 2019 was among the most special moments for me as I fulfilled a childhood dream. After my health difficulties in 2015-2018, I was not... Read More ››

Update and Race Announcement

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ONE MORE TIME    “Breathe…and everything changes.” – Seane Corn   As many of you know, for several years, I have been dealing with many health issues. As a result, I have had racing seasons that did not go anywhere “close to plan” because of being sick, exhausted, and... Read More ››

Invisible Illness [Health Update]

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Invisible Illness Life is busy! If, on top of everything else we had to do, we had to consciously control our: heart rate, digestion of food, and every breath we took; it would be impossible! Subconsciously we control these essential tasks of living, allowing us to take them completely... Read More ››

Ironman Taiwan [Race Report]

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Jai Ho: Ironman Taiwan “If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.” -Les Brown Ironman Taiwan was located on several small islands, which together are known as Pescadores. However, most of the... Read More ››

From Darkness into Light [2016 Update]

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Life is full of uncertainty and unpredictability! Each moment we continue to take breaths, is a grace from God.  This all becomes really clear when you are knocked off your feet and forced to take a break from the one thing you call your identity. What you dream about... Read More ››

Stages [Sponsorship Announcement]

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When you are training for a specific goal, event, or just to be healthier it is important to track various metrics to ensure you are improving. Many endurance triathletes are switching from just solely monitoring Heart Rate to also including Power for the bike portion of there training and... Read More ››

Turley’s Kitchen [Sponsor Announcement]

Sponsor Announcement

The Turley’s Scramble was my pre-race dinner before Ironman Boulder AND my celebratory dinner after Ironman Boulder! We all know that for an athlete to truly excel in their sport it is critical that they have the following basic pillars; a great training plan, amply amounts of recovery, a... Read More ››

Ironman Canada [Race Report]

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Never Lose Faith! The swim was located in Alta Lake, which is an absolutely gorgeous mountain lake, with the backdrop of several peaks in the distance. The professional women’s race started 5 minutes behind the professional men and 5 minutes before the mass start of the age groupers. It... Read More ››

Ironman Texas Withdraw

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With great anguish, I withdrew my name from the start list of Ironman Texas this morning. Over the weekend, I came down with a severe cold and tried several remedies but after a doctor’s visit it became very clear that I would not be performing to the best of... Read More ››

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